We're starting a revolucion!

Steve Dobbins

It's a new year, a new opportunity to look inward and to see our best selves. 

Since launching last April, evolve's mission of Love in Action has taken hold around the world. We saw it in the new friend and breast cancer survivor we met at IDEA World. We felt in the American Airlines flight attendant who made her first evolve purchase in the days after the horrific Orlando killings. We see it every month when we tally our Love Index, and we hear it in the stories you share with us daily.

2016 was a rough year for the world, with violence seemingly erupting everywhere, civil unrest brewing in corners around the globe and, of, course, the most vitriolic U.S. election in our lifetime.

As we end this historic year, it's clear to us what we must do. 

Be stronger.

Be bolder.

Be more loving, open-hearted and committed than ever before.

Think big. Act big, Grow... evolve into our best selves. 

So, starting today, we are evolving into revolucion, a revolucion of compassion (hence the c)… more than a fitness brand, a movement of love, empathy and forward motion.

We’re taking our Love in Action revolucion on an exciting journey, powered by you and others who share our goal of creating a better world for all, a world where every person has the resources to live out his or her fullest potential.

We have big plans for 2017 and beyond, but we can't do it without you. Are you in? Show your support by sharing your "New Year's revolucion" on social media. Just download and print out this I Am The Revolucion artwork, take a photo and post on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter tagging us and using #IAmTheRevolucion.

And, of course, be sure to bookmark our new online store ( and enjoy a 25% discount on your next purchase with code IAmTheRevolucion. 

Thanks for sharing this journey with us. Here’s to an amazing 2017… a year filled with hope, love and compassion.

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