Summer of Love with Italia Nigro

Steve Dobbins

As we get ready for an epic Summer 2017, we asked some of our favorite revolucion fans to share their plans, memories and workouts for summer. Today, we kick off the series with Brand Champion Italia Nigro of Santa Monica.
What are your plans for the summer? My summer plans are mostly pulling mom duty — working hard to get my boy ready for senior year and football season. That includes mom and son workouts running stairs and doing yoga to improve his flexibility... and mine!
Italia in Black Rupa Leggings and Red Deb Halter
What's your favorite summer memory? My favorite summer memories are going camping with my family.  We'd hike and explore caves, swim in the lake and hang out by the campfire. 
If you send some love to a group of people or special cause this summer, who or what would it be? Because I've just recently gone through this, I'd send love and tons of encouragement to all the men and women working their way to through their fitness goals. Some days can seem challenging but keep pushing through. You can do it!
What's your favorite summer workout? My favorite summer workout is any I can get done on the beach. The sand provides an extra challenge and there's nothing like getting there early and feeling the zen as the waves crash on the shore. 
Name a song, smell or taste that always reminds you of summer? Easy! Frozen treats! Snow cones. Soft serve. You name it. Those delicious frozen treats scream summer to me! 
Italia is shown wearing the black Rupa Leggings and red Deb Halter. Use code SummerOfLove to save 20% on your next purchase. 


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  • Love this photo of Italia. Absolutely stunning!


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