Revolucionary Design: Why We Incorporate Red in Every Piece

Steve Dobbins

From the very first conceptualization of revolucion’s logo, founder and CEO Jason Leon knew red would play an important role in how the brand would come alive.

“Red not only symbolizes love, it’s a strong, bold statement that can’t help but evoke emotion,” Jason says.

The color not only became central to the logo, with the word love spelled backwards in red, within revolucion, it has become a trademark in the company’s designs. Every piece, from the women’s Rupa Leggings and Deb Halter to the men’s Eric Shorts and Roche Tank feature at least a pop of red.

red deb halter and rupa leggings

“We want people to have a visceral connection whenever they see that red on their revolucion gear,” Jason says. “It’s a reminder of that girl in Thailand or young boy in South Africa who you helped with your purchase. We want them to take that emotion into their workout — a reminder that they’re not only working to become their best selves, but they’re also helping to create a better world.”

Each pair of leggings features a versatile iconic cuff — a pop of red that immediately identifies you’re wearing revolucion. “From a design perspective, the red cuff elevates the legging, giving it a fashion-forward twist.” The cuff can be folded in to create a classic streamlined look.

The leggings are also lined in red, a nod to the notion that “all transformation begins from the inside out,” Jason says.

“We like to say that every time someone puts on revolucion, they’re putting on their best selves.”  


dawn long capri iconic cuff     men's workout shorts with lining


red sports bra and mesh fashion leggings

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