pH8 Foundation Named Love in Action Partner

Steve Dobbins

evolve is thrilled to announce our latest Love in Action partner: the pH8 Foundation, an amazing non-profit devoted to providing clean water to the world's most needy. 

When you purchase an evolve water bottle, we'll give a donation to the pHG Foundation equal to five years of clean water for a child in an under-developed country. 

The pH8 Foundation started with a group of friends who believed that access to clean water was a basic human right. In 2015, the group began its mission to end global thirst within their lifetime. Using the 100% charity model, the pH8 Foundation ensures that every penny donated goes directly toward providing clean water to those in need around the world. This year, the foundation will contribute to the growing movement beyond the established framework of charity - treating only the symptoms of poverty - into true partnership with the people of the developing world. Through the creation of social enterprises that address the issues of each individual community, we will assist in fostering global wealth, prosperity and self-determination. Read more...

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