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We met Mike Angel last July in downtown Los Angeles to discuss a possible partnership with revolucion and the PH8 Foundation. It was instantly clear we needed to work together.

Mike's positive energy envelopes everyone around him, and as CEO and founder of PH8 Foundation he's channeling that energy into creating a better world for all. We not only solidified the partnership with PH8; we named our signature men's tee after him. Every purchase of the Mike Tee includes a giveback equal to 10 years of clean drinking water for a child in a developing country. 

Use code PH8 to save 25% on the Mike through Sunday, April 16. 

Now, let's get to know Mike a little better. 

Mike Angel founder of PH8 Foundation

 Mike is wearing the Mike Tee in Blue. 

1. Where’d you grow up and how has that influenced you as an adult?

I grew up in the Eastside of Los Angeles, and it may be hard to believe, but I was a little rebel up until my senior year of high school. I didn’t want to take responsibility for how I was, but after enough lectures from my parents and being introduced to meditation from my art teacher Mrs. Yoshida, I made the CHOICE that I was going to succeed in my studies. After that I was so laser focused I completed my senior year six months early!

I still had trouble finding my place after high school, though, so my father sent me to Denmark to stay with family and study business.  I was there for a year and eight months, and that's where I feel I grew the most.

Traveling, studying a totally different culture and learning a completely different language really expanded my mind to possibilities that I didn’t know existed before. I had a fixed mindset before entering Denmark, but traveling there completely shattered my old belief system. My biggest lesson was understanding how little time we have and that life is a reflection of the decisions we make. If we make the wrong choices there will be a delay in our journey, but everywhere we are in life there is a lesson to be learned.

2. How did you come up with the idea for the PH8 Foundation?

Our original idea was to create an alkaline bottled water marketed to our fellow millennials and music festivals instead of just health stores, etc. The first name we came up with was “Alka-Mist.” It was going to have a pH level of 8, and all of our profits would have gone toward ending World Thirst.

As we worked on it more, we decided to make a big shift. Instead of creating this product and waiting until after it becomes profitable to make an impact in the world, why not start the charity now?

Once we made that decision, everything started falling into place. We named our nonprofit the PH8 Foundation as a nod to our original alkaline water idea, and on April 1, 2017 we celebrated one full year as an officially registered 501(c)(3)!

PH8 Foundation bringing clean water to Ghana

3. Describe what it was like to visit Ghana and drill your first well

Six of us had the privilege of going to Ghana for a whole month, and every day was purpose-driven. We had multiple projects going on: building a brand new computer lab at primary school in Accra called God’s Gift Academy, providing hospital supplies to St. Marie Louise Children’s Hospital, and in-sourcing contractors to build an electrical fresh-water well with a filtration system for over 600+ people in the rural area of Kumasi.  

After the well was complete, the children got to drink clean, safe water instead of walking miles for water that looked like coffee. Seeing that made me so thankful for all that I have and for the amazing people who supported us to make it possible. It’s amazing how one simple act of kindness can completely change someone's life!

Mike Angel in Ghana

4. What’s your vision for PH8?

For anyone who isn’t familiar with our donation model, we put on some of the most fun social events in Los Angeles, with 100% of all ticket sales providing clean water to families in need.

Each event has improved on the last, and so far we’ve brought clean water to over 1,700 people around the world just by throwing parties that people in LA would have gone to anyway. This is why we can say that we’re actually “dancing our way into a better future.”

We don’t want to just keep throwing parties to raise money for clean water, either. We’re starting a movement to make every party a #partywithapurpose. That way everyone can be a part of the mission to end World Thirst without traveling to another country or being begged for a donation.

We’re not asking you to change your lifestyle in order to make the world a better place. We’re just maximizing the impact of what you do already!

5. What do you tell others who are inspired by your work?

We all share this world together and there are still people that don't have access to basic human needs, like water, food, shelter, education, and healthcare.  There's a quote from the documentary “Beyond” that really resonated with me, “if we all had X-ray vision, all we would see is skeletons.” So those of us who are fortunate enough to have far more than our basic human needs, let’s work together to create an opportunity for those in need.

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