Meet Brand Champion Jule Xander

Steve Dobbins

We met our latest evolve Brand Champion at IDEA World, a convention for fitness and lifestyle professionals from around the world. We were blown away by her energy from the start, but we had no idea. 

As a lifestyle, fashion and fitness coach, Julie spends her days with individuals and groups helping weave together all aspects of healthy living. On Facebook Live, she can be seen teaching a Tabata workout in the morning, experimenting with a new beauty regimen in the afternoon and trying out new recipes at night. 

She’s a bright light in Scottsdale and her more than 10K Instagram followers, and we’re thrilled to have her as one of our brand champions. 

Name: Julie Xander (aka Lifestyle Jules)

Home City: Scottsdale, Arizona

Profession: Lifestyle and fitness coach, blogger and social media maven

Where are you most likely to wear evolve? Teaching a Facebook live Tabata workout, at the gym or just running errands. I’m always on the run and evolve is perfect for my fast-paced lifestyle.

How do you define Love in Action: It’s loving yourself enough to take steps to be your best, whatever that may mean, and it’s loving those around us. We’re all in this crazy life together. 

What is your #DreamForTheWorld? My dream for the world is that people stop judging and start supporting each other.  At the end of the day, I think must humans want to love and be loved equally.  

Tell us a little about yourself: I was born and raised in Arizona but my family roots go back to New York where my grandmother started an all woman's department store and my grandfather was the largest dress buyer in the city.  Fashion is in my blood. In addition, I struggled as a chubby girl who loved dance and baton twirling. Through my journey to become a thin dancer,  I fell in love with fitness and wound up making it my degree and career. I still never lost my passion for fashion and discovered that fitness and fashion go hand and hand!  When your body looks great, the clothes also look great!

Connect with Julie on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Julie is wearing the Rupa Leggings in black and the Deb Halter.  


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