Meet Brand Champion Jennifer Dimitriou

Steve Dobbins

Our newest Brand Champion Jennifer Dimitriou discovered revolucion when she was searching online for cool yoga wear. A former ballet dancer, native New Yorker and mother of seven-year-old twins, Jennifer now teaches Pilates, yoga and other fitness classes from her studio in Paris, France.

“I found your site and was immediately drawn in by your story,” she says. “Then I fell in love with your clothes and the rest is history!”

Jennifer’s teaching philosophy focusses on helping people feel better in their bodies through quality movement.

We’re thrilled to have Jennifer as our first international brand champion and are especially excited to be co-hosting a trunk show with her in June.

Jennifer is wearing the black Rupa Leggings and red Donna Sports Bra.

Name: Jennifer Dimitriou

Home: Paris, France

Profession: Pilates, yoga and fitness instructor

Where are you most likely to be wearing revolucion? Teaching Pilates, yoga or my fitness classes and all my other exercise needs. I love revolucion!

How do you define Love in Action? I truly believe what I do is Love in Action. It’s seeing my clients before class starts and then afterwards walk out with a sense of peace and happiness. Hopefully, they will go out and do something kind for someone they encounter. Of course, Love in Action can be volunteering or donating your time or money, but doesn’t always have to be a big gesture. In can be as simple as how we show up every day…. The good energy and intentions that we put out into the universe. It can be a smile, a kind word or a helping hand. It’s all Love in Action.

How has dance influenced your life? I believe the opportunity I was given to study dance carred me through life, helping me to better deal with stress. It’s taught me so much about life, about working hard, sometimes failing and the joy that comes through grace. I now get to spread a little bit of that joy with others.

What social causes are most important to you? I’m most passionate about giving children the tools they need to create a better world. I love that living abroad gives our children an opportunity to learn and respect cutlrues from around the world. They see no color and embrace others’ differences and traditions without a second thought. To me, that’s a step towards creating a better world.

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