Meet Brand Champion Elizabeth Richardson

Steve Dobbins

Elizabeth Richardson, our newest brand champion, began her entrepreneur journey at 16 when she and her sister organized the neighborhood babysitters into a full-fledged business.

Today, she uses the same combination of drive and creative thinking in her work as a yoga instructor. A retired dancer, she's passionate about introducing people of all walks to the powers of yoga. "I don't want flexibility or other limits to stand in the way of people discovering what yoga can do for them," she says. "Flexibility will come. Yoga will meet you where you are."

We're thrilled to have Elizabeth on the evolve team and look forward to watching her journey. 

Name: Elizabeth Richardson

Home: Sunny Isles Beach, Florida

Profession: Yoga instructor

Where are you most likely to wear evolve: In the yoga studio with clients or when I'm practicing on my own, but also running around town

How do you define Love in Action: Love in Action is taking a stand for something you care about... not just being sympathetic, but doing something about it... literally taking action. 

What social causes are most important to you?: I'm passionate about eduction. The number of children and young adults around the world who don't have access to textbooks, basic school supplies and computers... it's heartbreaking. We often take this things for granted. I love that three of evolve's Love in Action partners are specifically addressing the need for education. 

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Elizabeth is wearing the Donna Racer Back Sports Bra and Rupa Leggings.  

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