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We met Brand Champion Aj Narsutis Andrus at a trade show in Northern California and immediately fell in love. With a passion for fashion, running, yoga and creating a better world for children, Aj lives out evolve's Love in Action core values every day. 

The love was mutual. Check out her review of evolve on her blog Juniper Lemons and be sure to follow her on social media. Aj's also got an amazing eye for photography - her photos in her evolve wear tell a beautiful story of the intersection of fashion, fitness, determination and a connection to the greater world we share. So happy to be on this this journey with her. 

Name: Aj Narsutis Andrus

Home City: Dallas, Texas

Profession: Blogger | Juniper Lemons |, Runner, Wife, Mother, Daughter Sister, and Friend

Tell us about Juniper Lemons: My sister Ashley and I are the faces behind Juniper Lemons. We are two sisters with varying styles and interests, but we share a passion for clothes and fashion. We currently have our blog,, and will be launching our online store this November. We handpick every item in our store, and we only sell pieces that we love, endorse, and wear ourselves.

How do you define “Love in Action”? Love in Action is putting the feelings in your heart into motion. Anyone can say they care, but actually showing attention, care and compassion are true acts of love.

What would make you the ideal evolve Brand Champion? When I had my first child, suddenly my priorities changed. My eyes were opened to all the children around me and my heart hurt for those who were struggling. I’m passionate about making the world a better place not only for myself and those around me, but for my children and all of the little people around the world. evolve is doing just that. I also love good workout clothes,  considering it is a daily wardrobe staple in my closet. From running, to running errands, workout clothes seem to be what I live in.

What social causes are most important to you and why? The protection and growth of a child's mind. We have heard it before: Children are our future. We should make it a priority to ensure all children have clean water, food, shelter, education and love. If we could armor all children with the tools they need to be successful, strong, beautiful people in society, it would start by growing their minds through education in a safe, loving environment.

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Photos: AJ is wearing the red Deb Halter and black VaVa leggings in her running photos. She's wearing carbon Rupa leggings in her yoga photo. 


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