Five Questions with Founder Jason Leon

Steve Dobbins

As revolucion approaches its one-year anniversary, we sat down with founder Jason Leon for five questions about the fitness apparel company and his inspiration for the design and the Love in Action mission. Here's what he had to say:
1. How did you come up with the idea for revolucion?
The idea for revolucion was sparked while I was working on my MBA in Texas. The company is an integration of my three passions: fitness, fashion and social entrepreneurship. During graduate school, I started marathoning and realized with discipline, commitment and perseverance I could achieve and become more than I could ever have imagined. It didn’t stop there, I was determined to create a business that empowered others to do the same.
Jason Leon co-founder
Fitness is about growing into the best version of ourselves. I believe we have a moral responsibility to help others do the same. revolucion's vision is not only to have a world-class fashion brand, but to create a movement eliminating social injustice and poverty by equipping every child/young adult in need with the resources and support to grow into their fullest potential. This is what I call “love in action.” 
2. What inspired your designs?
Fit, form and function guide my design. I strive to create pieces that are sophisticated and modern with a slight edge. We all need a pop of sassiness and intrigue in our life. 
Red can be found on all of our pieces. It invokes feelings of strength, compassion and vitality. I wanted to convey that all transformation begins from the inside-out. The lining of our men's shorts and women's leggings use red to convey this truth. Essentially, I want each piece to become a symbolic embodiment of transformation, a second skin that expresses our best selves to the world. Each item says to the world: “I’m a compassionate, empowered, integrated, courageous, creative individual, and I'm dedicated to making the world a more just, loving and equitable place for us all.” 
3. What are your favorite pieces from the men's and women's collections?
I’m biased — the Toni Renee top is my favorite women’s piece because I designed it in honor of my mother. The Mike Tee is my favorite from our men’s collection. I love the super soft luxurious fabric and the harness stitching around the shoulders. The fit is perfect. 
4. Where are you most likely to be wearing revolucion? 
Yoga, running, weight training at Equinox, getting coffee….basically I wear it all day every day. 
5. Heading into year two, what are you most excited about?
Growing the brand and launching our social impact selling model, which will empower our revolucion reps to bring the love in action revolucion to communities around the globe.

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