evolve on the Road

Steve Dobbins

Here's a look at our upcoming expos, trunk shows and other events:

August 11: Trunk Show (Los Angeles)

August 21-23: Fashion Market Northern California (San Mateo, California)

August 27-28: Anaheim Fit Expo (Anaheim, California)

September 2: First Friday PopUP @ Create Yoga (Santa Monica, California)

September 9: Trunk Show (Houston, Texas)

September 10: Fit Expo (Houston, Texas)

September 11: Trunk Show (Austin, Texas)

September 12: Trunk Show (Salado, Texas)

September 13: Trunk Show (Dallas, Texas)

September 14: Trunk Show (Dallas, Texas)

September 17-19: Vegas Gone Yoga (Las Vegas, Nevada)

September 23-25: South Bay Yoga Conference (Hermosa Beach, California)

October 7: First Friday PopUP @ Create Yoga (Santa Monica, California)

October 17: Trunk Show (Ripon, California)

October 18: evolve + MUVZ event (Modesto, California)

November 4: First Friday PopUP @ Create Yoga (Santa Monica, California)

November 19-20: Event and Trunk Show TBD (Denver, Colorado)

December 17: LA Yoga Expo (Los Angeles, California)

January 17-18: LA Fit Expo (Los Angeles, California)





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