Brand Champion: Victoria Orman

Steve Dobbins

Today we profile our second evolve Brand Champion, Victoria Orman, who lives out the Love in Action credo in her daily life. Victoria recently moved to Denver, Colorado from Vancouver, British Columbia and we met her through a mutual entrepreneurial friend.

Name: Victoria Orman

Profession:  Co-Founder of enBrand media; Community Maven + Brand Experience Specialist 

Hometown:  Lodz, Poland 

Current home: Denver, Colorado

What does Love in Action mean to you?: It means giving back in the most authentic way, giving back and giving love moment by moment… not on special occasions, but every day. Love in Action is taking responsibility for the kind of energy you share with the people around you. It’s about spreading love in everything that you do, whether that’s work, a workout, your relationships, your passions and more. 

Where are you most likely to be wearing evolve?: Boot camp, spin class, yoga and day-to-day. I especially love the sexy VaVa leggings!

What social cause is most important to you and why?: Supporting people in their simplest needs. We take things for granted and don't appreciate what we have. Helping others with their most basic necessities can really make us appreciate the incredible gifts with which we’ve been blessed. 

Victoria is wearing the Myrna Loy Tank and VaVa Leggings


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