Brand Champion: Dawn Fletcher

Steve Dobbins

Today we profile our first evolve Brand Champion, Dawn Fletcher, who epitomizes evolve’s values and the belief that we become our best selves when we work to create a better world. We fell in love with her the moment we met her.

Name: Dawn M. Fletcher 

Profession:  Fitness and Sport Performance Coach

Hometown:  Born in Indiana. I was an Army brat and grew up in Central Pennsylvania.

Current home: San Diego, California

What does Love in Action mean to you?: It means giving your time, energy, effort and blessings out to others. Helping people any way you can with the resources and talents that you have. 

Where are you most likely to be wearing evolve?: To a CrossFit event or somewhere outside while I'm exploring nature. 

What social cause is most important to you and why?: Freedom from discrimination for all and creating equal rights because I believe love and acceptance are the most empowering gifts we can give each other.  

Find Dawn at and

Dawn is wearing the Myrna Loy Tank (red) and Deb Halter (black). 


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