A Vision for the Future of revolucion

Jason Leon

Jason Leon fitness yoga gear with a giveback

Dear revolucion family,

Happy New Year! I hope your 2018 was filled with happiness, growth and love – mine certainly was.  If I had to sum up the past year into one word it would be: “resilience.” From conquering the South African IRONMAN to living into the day-to-day ups and downs of growing a company, 2018 taught me that with vision, resilience and love, anything is possible.

First off, thank you for your love and continued support. Without you, revolucion wouldn’t exist. Together, we have been able to create a company that embodies compassion, empowerment and creativity. I love you and am forever grateful for the gift you have given me.

Second, I want to apologize for our silence over the past few months. It’s been a time of reflection. To protect our vision, we made a decision early on to remain 100% founder-owned and to not seek outside funding. Growth has been much slower than we’d hoped, which has limited our ability to invest in new collections.

revolucion yoga and workout gear with a givebackOur goal has never been to become a “traditional company” maximizing shareholder value and planning a billion-dollar exit. Instead, we set out to create a company where business was a catalyst for positive change, directly helping those in need. We wanted our business to inspire everyone it touched — to spark something in them and help them discover their best selves. We’re incredibly proud of the company we’ve created, the community of people we’ve brought together along the way and, most of all, the many children we’ve been able to help through our Love in Action givebacks. That said, we’ve had to do some major soul searching and look at our business model objectively. We spent much of 2018 considering the best path forward.

As I wrestled, meditated and at times screamed — sometimes even wanting to walk away from it all— two words emerged: community and connection. To grow, it became clear revolucion needed to diversify beyond clothing. That leads me to revolucion 2.0.

In 2019, we plan to launch a series of fitness events — yoga classes, boot camps, even a revolucion 5k or half marathon. We’ll start small but have big plans. revolucion has always been about the intersection of becoming our best self and helping to create a better world. Events feel like such a natural next step forward.

We’re still working out the details and would love to hear your thoughts. Have an idea or connection that you think would make sense for this next phase of revolucion? Send them our way!

 Of course, you can still support revolucion by purchasing our apparel or referring friends to our online store. In fact, you can use code Love2019 to save 20%, even on sale items. We have new pieces planned, but no set time table for production.

Like everything in life, we’re a work in progress! We look forward to connecting, building community and filling the world with love in action in 2019 and beyond.

All my love,


Founder and CEO, revolucion




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