Inspiring Women of evolve: Dr. Debra Pear

Steve Dobbins

Today, we complete our series of the women who inspired our New Beginnings line. Each of these wonderful women has played a significant role in our lives, and all serve as a beautiful examples of love, compassion, empowerment and the ongoing journey to become our best selves. 

Name: Dr. Debra Pear

evolve inspiration: Deb Halter

Current home: Los Angeles

Where I grew up: Jersey Shore

Occupation: Physician, Chiropractic West 

Favorite workout: Spinning and my new obsession stand-up paddle boarding

Where I’m most likely to be wearing evolve: everywhere.... But mostly to pilates or hiking. I would even wear the Deb Halter with a nice pair of jeans for an evening out.

What does #loveinaction mean to you: #loveinaction means the love that begins in our home and our own hearts translated to how we treat and help others with our actions, but also how we treat ourselves. Love in action is endless.

What social causes are most important to you:

A) Reducing the stress associated with cancer treatment, and providing support so patients and caregivers can take a break from cancer. I have been involved with an organization called the Elixir Fund for ten years —  a vision, my friend Kevin had while he was going through his own treatment. They put love in action daily by providing amenities and developing programs in hospitals such as Music and Movies and mini makeovers, as well as providing support and access to services for meals, transportation and complementary therapies like yoga, massage and meditation. These help relieve the side effects of treatment and ease the cancer journey. Unfortunately, he is not with us to see how it has grown. 

B) MS Research. This is very close to my heart, as my mother has MS. I want to support and help with the research so that she and many others can lead strong, healthy and productive lives.

My #loveinaction hero: Christopher Reeve. Not only did he play Superman on the big screen, he lived and proved he really was Superman in real life after his equestrian accident in 1995 where he became a quadriplegic. He lived a quality life, motivated others, lobbied on behalf of people with spinal cord injuries, and for stem cell research by founding the Christopher Reeve Foundation. I believe he embodied his own quote: "A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles."

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