Inspiring Women of evolve: Rupa Magge

Steve Dobbins

Today, we continue our series of the women who inspired our New Beginnings line. Each of these wonderful women has played a significant role in our lives, and all serve as a beautiful examples of love, compassion, empowerment and the ongoing journey to become our best selves. 

Name: Rupa Magge

evolve inspiration: Rupa Legging

Current home: Los Angeles

Where I grew up: Princeton, New Jersey

Occupation: Writer and mom

Favorite workout: Barry’s Bootcamp

Where I’m most likely to be wearing evolve: Barry's, running errands, my daughter's school… everywhere!

What does #loveinaction mean to you: Love in action means helping those who are in need. It means using your heart to better humanity by just opening your eyes to the world around you and seeing how you can help to change society for a brighter future.

What social causes are most important to you: Anti-bullying, educating young children and cancer research are most important to me.

My #loveinaction hero: My grandfather, Lakshmi Narayan Magge, who dedicated his life to help those in need. He single-handedly built a school and hospital in a small village in India to give everyone a chance to receive an education and medical care. He always serves as my inspiration and hero.

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