Inspiring Women of evolve: Rachel Goble

Chelsa Kirk


We continue our series profiling the amazing women who inspired our New Beginnings line. Each of these wonderful women has played a significant role in our lives, and all serve as a beautiful examples of love, compassion, empowerment and the ongoing journey to become our best selves. 

Name: Rachel Goble

evolve inspiration: Rachel Leggings

Current home: Oakland, CA! By beautiful Lake Merritt

Where I grew up: Fremont, CA and then moved on to Pleasanton for High School

Occupation: President of The SOLD Project and owner of Rachel Goble Photography

Favorite workout: Running, hiking or playing tennis. I've recently started rock climbing a bit as well, but I'm not very good!

Where I’m most likely to be wearing evolve: Everywhere. Yoga pants are like socially acceptable pajamas. I wear them to work, to the gym, on a Saturday to the farmers market, on the airplane on my long flight to Thailand... You name it!

What does #loveinaction mean to you: Love in action means thinking about all of the actions you make on a daily basis and asking yourself how each of those actions can bring love and beauty into the world. From the clothes you buy to the coffee you drink to the friends you spend time with. Every action has an impact. This is especially true when it comes to evolve. I love knowing that my purchasing power is making a positive impact in people's lives. 

What social causes are most important to you: Children's rights. Hands down. I think most social causes are interwoven (environmental causes cannot be separated from living quality for the poor, for example). But when any of these breaks in society affect children - which most do - I'm passionate about doing what I can to protect and empower children at-risk. 

My #loveinaction hero: So many! I'm surrounded by incredible men and women who care about the world and the people in it and live lives that exemplify this. I could list someone I've never met who has inspired me but this time I think I'll talk about my dear friend Nikole. She is a passionate storyteller (she runs an amazing organization called Freely in Hope) who taught me about the power of story and the importance of dignity in story. Stories can be healing or stories can be harmful, and I'm so thankful for Nikole who helped me understand how to use story for the work we do. 

Use the code Rachel20 at checkout now through Friday, June 3 to receive 20% off the Rachel Legging. All purchases include a giveback of two days school for a girl in Thailand escaping sex trafficking. 


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