Love in Action bracelets allow you to wear your mission

Hand-crafted in a workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, the Love in Action bracelet serves as reminder of our inter-connectedness and the many ways we can work together to create a better world for all.

Crafted on a metal to resemble an ancient coin, the medallion links us to the past and propels us into a better future for all. The open “O” of our logo represents the never-ending quest to become our best selves, and your unique word or phrase keeps your Love in Action mission top-of-mind throughout the day.

Love in Action bracelet

Revolucionary Design: Why We Incorporate Red in Every Piece

From the very first conceptualization of revolucion’s logo, founder and CEO Jason Leon knew red would play an important role in how the brand would come alive.

“Red not only symbolizes love, it’s a strong, bold statement that can’t help but evoke emotion,” Jason says.

The color not only became central to the logo, with the word love spelled backwards in red, within revolucion, it has become a trademark in the company’s designs. Every piece, from the women’s Rupa Leggings and Deb Halter to the men’s Eric Shorts and Roche Tank feature at least a pop of red.

red deb halter and rupa leggings

Summer of Love with Sherry Whittemore

Today, we continue our Summer of Love series with five quick questions for Sherry Whittemore, namesake of the best-selling Sherry Jacket. Sherry's truly experiencing a Summer of Love — she got engaged! Here's what she had to say: 

Rachel leggings and Myrna Loy tank

Henna School Thanks Revolucion for its Love In Action Donations

Summer of Love with Mike Angel

This week, we continue our Summer of Love series, where we ask some of our favorite people about their plans, memories and workout. Today, we chat with The PH8 Foundation founder and CEO Mike Angel, namesake of our favorite tee ("The Mike Tee").

Use code LoveMike this weekend to save 25% on the Mike - each tee includes a giveback to the PH8 Foundation equal to 10 years clean drinking water. 

Now let's see what Mike had to say about summer. 

Mike is wearing the blue Mike Tee made from 100% recycled fabric.